Belmont High School Class of 1959

About Us

This website is for and about the BHS Class 59. Over the 48 years since we graduated, some of us have kept in touch with a few classmates, some with quite a few, and many with only one or two. This website is a way for us to reconnect as a class the way we were back in 1959. There ius no way we can ever see everyone every day the way we did in school, but we can use the Internet to re-connect, share our current lives, re-live some great memories, and remember our classmates who have passed on.

This website is physically maintained By Sue Orowan Martin and Bill Clark, and any errors and omissions are ours (mostly Bill's!). But the material, memories, pictures and love belong to the entire BHS59 Family.

Many of the names included in the contact lists come from research done be Sue Martin, who is a fantastic Internet detective. Thanks also to Jack Butterworth for his extensive research, Charlotte Bonnan Kelley for her help in planning the Brunch and the Belmeont Citizen-Herald article, Janet Putnam MacDonald and Larry MacDonald for volunteering to pitch in for Regina when she leaves for her trip and for all their help with the original spreadsheet. Thanks to Mary Lou Gillis Zeiders, Bob (Wheaties) Hughes, Nancy Oteri and Janet McEvoy Larson who did a lot of the telephoning to check the phone numbers and update the contact information. Thanks to Isabelle (Liz) DeSarno Bruce phoned many of her clients that were among the missing and got their info.

Dotty Stoneman and John Bell hosted last years party at their home in Belmont, and are hosting what we expect will be a much larger party this year, May 5.

And most of all, Regina Scotti who has worked tirelessly to bring together the volunteers, build the enthusiasm, and create a team.

Thanks to the entire Class of '59.

The Team