1960s - my "GQ" days (I wish), waiting outside our Beacon Hill apartment for a cab to the airport on a business trip. This same building, which was near the State House, allegedly housed JFK's offices in his pre-Presidential days.

1980's - Debbi and me looking touristy in our Greek shirts, debarking in Kusadasi, Turkey during our Greece and Greek islands tour in 1984. Another highlight of this trip was the belly dancer who sat on my lap for a photo at an Istanbul nightclub. Debbi is still smiling in that photo, what a woman!

1990's - me and our new Bichon puppy, Brando in 1996. This was my first dog since I was a child, so I was a bit intimidated by how much we had to learn. He survived and so did we. Brando recently turned 11 and is going strong. He also has had female companionship since he was 2 years old and ready to date.

2000's - our Fall foliage vacation in Vermont in 2003. Debbi and me in front of the Peacham General Store. It's a lovely spot in October, maybe not so much in January.

Bob and Debbi Wicks

Thanks to Bob and Debbi for sending in these pictures! What do you think, is this a good way to do it? I'll be glad to do pages for anyone who will send me the pictures and the captions.

1970"s - my sideburn era, on full display awaiting the Pops Concert on the Boston Esplanade, July 4, 1977 . My wife Debbi and I had our first real date at the 1976 centennial concert and were married in March, 1977. We recently celebrated our 30th anniversary.