BHS 59 Mini-Reunion/Party May 21-22, 2011

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This was the 7th party in 6 years at Dot's house! It started in 2006, when Dotty called Vic Taylor and said they needed to start getting people together or the 50th Reunion wouldn't happen! They picked a date in May, and started calling all the classmates that they were in touch with to "come to the party"! It was a big success, and over the next 4 years grew into a fabulous 50th.

I have been amazed every year at just how great this class is. Even though we don't see each other often, we are really friends again. People are really interested in each other, our shared history makes us family. Here are a few pictures from the party, if anyone else has pictures you would like posted please send them to me.

Here is a slide show from Lynne Pillsbury.

Here is a review with some thoughts on the weekend from Regina.

Huge thanks to Dotty and John, to the Reunion Committee, and to all the classmates that make this such a great class!

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Dave Murray, Toby Magri, Dave Skilling


Dotty and Bill Clark

Bill Laverty and Sue Martin

Liz Sullivan, Richard Scotti, John Viren

Regina Scotti, John Viren

Liz and Richard

Nancy Geggis Salka, Liz, Dot

Toby, Dave, Carol and Roger Elton, Phyllis Gowen Hawkes


Joyce Chiofaro Tortola, Toby

Bill and Roberta (Fitzmaurice) Connors, John Romanowski

Richard and Buddy Tortola

Sue, John Bell, Ruthie Clark

Roberta, Regina

Sue, John and Dotty, Ruthie

Bill, Sue Levenson Marcus

John, Robert Reagan

Richard, John

Andy Oliveri, Paul McCarthy, Anne Shea Oliveri, Phyllis

Bette Zuppe Cronin, Debbie Daniels Shaurette

Buddy, Dave, Joyce


Anne, Debbie, Isabel DeSarno Bruce

Bill, Pete Larkin, Lew Palosky, Pete Dawson, Coach Stone

Isabel, Dave




Winn Brook Group

John Viren, Bob Levin

Isabel, Charlotte, John

Andy, Janet, Joyce, Anne, Buddy


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