BHS Class of 1959 50th Reunion!

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Our 50th Class Reunion was a Time to Remember! 134 Classmates attended, with a total of 203 great people getting together to renew old friendships and start new ones! I am not capable of doing justice to the love and friendship that we all experienced. If you missed it, please try to get to Dot's next May. BHS59 was and is a fantastic group of people, and we are best when we are all together!

Get-together in the Hotel lounge

Coffee and Donuts in the HS Cafeteria

Henderson House

Brunch at Hotel

Several people have sent me pictures to post. My plan is to post everything I get, with links to them on this page. I also plan to post comments from classmates who were at the Reunion. Check back often!

Click on the links below to see the photo galleries.

Slide Show of pictures from our professional photographer, Jody Gagnon, PricePerfect Photos, 774-678-0448

Photographer Friday BHS Cafeteria Henderson House Brunch
Russ Backer none none none 63 pictures
Karnig Beylikjian none none 3 pictures 8 pictures
Rich Carota 10 pictures 18 pictures 43 pictures 11 pictures
Danielle Duffy none none 50 pictures none
Mason Flint none 8 pictures 2 pictures 8 pictures
Wheaties 4 pictures none 10 pictures none
Susan Marcus 28 pictures none 27 pictures none
Andy Oliveri none none 4 pictures none
Lynne Pillsbury 29 pictures none 27 pictures none
Dom Previte none none 29 pictures none
Ken Whiteacre none 11 pictures none none


Here are some thoughts on the Reunion:

"We sure had a fabulous time being together for four events in three days! I loved every minute of it and was so happy to see every person there! ... I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. Certainly the mood was high and everyone seemed very happy. What a uniquely enjoyable mini-community we have recreated from our childhood and youth! ... With love and best wishes to all of you," Dot Stoneman

"I want to sincerely thank everyone that was able to attend our October 3rd reunion for making the effort to be there. It was an evening to meet fellow classmates that we have not seen for far too many years. It was an evening to recall and laugh at some of the funny (and foolish) things we did 50 years ago. It was an evening to share our life’s experiences…both the happy and sad ones. It was an evening to reflect on our collective accomplishments in the business, education, medical, legal, and military fields. It was an evening to reminisce about our great successes on the football fields, the tennis courts, the indoor/outdoor tracks, the baseball diamonds, the basketball courts, and the hockey rinks. ... October 3rd 2009 at Henderson House will be one of the fondest memories of my life….an evening that we will most probably never experience again." David “Moon” Mullin

"Friday night's casual and relaxed approach to getting reacquainted was a nice, slow re-entry for those who haven't been at any of Dotty's Spring Flings and allowed for free flowing conversation. But if you had been at the Spring Flings, you could get to more indepth exploration as desired. The location for the "real deal" Saturday night was perfectly magical. The idea for food stations worked to maintain that free flow for conversation and ability to mingle and mix with as many classmates as possible. ... Sunday Brunch was a great time to relax and talk with our classmates to see the event through their eyes as individually, we can only be in any one place at one time. As folks were very slow to disperse, that suggests no one wanted to leave without some evidence we would reconnect in the future. Watch out Dotty; the Spring Fling could experience a major growth for the need to continue to connect the seemingly unconnected appears prevelant. ... I have devoured our Memory Book and a "big shout" out to those who took random inclusions and created a book to savour." Lynne Russell Pillsbury

"Congratulations and a huge thanks to all of you for a most memorable reunion. Not a detail was overlooked. Having done a bit of this, I know what enormous planning and effort went into the weekend. Charlotte, you are quite a manager. The basic concept was the best reunion idea I can imagine - four chances to meet, in four different venues, with minimal formality. We all still, I’m sure, missed talking to lots of people, but we did have the opportunity to have more than brief conversations. As one who didn’t have a particularly happy high school experience and was hesitant to reconnect, I was amazed at how many of my classmates had similar reservations. To a person, we are so very happy we did. ... I know lots of people who have been to significant reunions. No one has expressed the feelings many of us have - that this reunion was not the end but the start of lots of reconnections. That is, I know, because of the truly good people we have in our class. But it is also due to the environment you created. Job superbly done. Many thanks." Anne Oberdorfer Allen

Regina asked for a copy of the slide show that was running at the reunion. It was made up of a bunch of old pictures from various classmates relating to either our class or the Belmont of our youth. It's about 9.7MB so will take a while to download, but it is posted here.

We also had a memorial video of departed classmates running at the reunion. The video was Kevork's idea, and he was helped by his friend Sandy Boroyan and her grandson. Many of us found it very moving, so we thought it would be a good idea to post it. You will need a fast connection to view it properly, it is big.

Attendee List

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