BHS Class of 1959 55th Reunion October 17-19, 2014

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The 55th Reunion Weekend started with an informal gathering at the hotel Friday evening. I wasn't able to make it this year, so I don't have any pictures. If anyone would be willing to send pictures of Friday evening I'll be happy to post them.


Get-Together at Dot's

Dot and John once again opened their home so that we could have an informal gathering in a home setting. The weather cooperated so that we were able to gather and visit both inside and on the patio.

Charlotte, Regina, and Martha Parks
Sue Orowan Martin, Ellen (Furry) and Bill Brewer
Pete Larkin, Kevork Tevekelian
Dave Skilling, Bob Levin, Karl Marcus
Sue, Sue Levenson Marcus, Janet Putnam Macdonald
Regina Scotti, Charlotte Bonanno Kelley
Stretch Foley, Tony Magri
Coach Stone, Mike Portentoso
Lynne Russell Pillsbury with Dot's son
Lew Palosky, Sue Marcus
Dick Sawyer, Ken Whiteacre, Fay Sawyer
Karnig Beylikjian, Dot Stoneman
Jane McEvoy Larson, Fay, Dick, Dave Martin
Dave and Toby


In the evening we gathered at the hotel for a Cocktail Hour, followed by dinner.


Vic Taylor and Lew Palosky
Karnig, Sue, and Elaine Levin
Lew, Dave, Vic, Dot, Joan Taylor
Marsha Willson Slayton, Ruthie Clark, Dave Martin
Mike, Mary Lou, Clelia
Fay Sawyer, Regina Scotti
Marsha Slayton, Bob Reagan
Jerusha and Paul McCarthy, Ruthie Clark
Harold Larson, Bob Reagan
Lynne and Sue in masks
Peg Burke Dery, Clelia Lerro Smalley, Dave Skilling
Peg Burke Dery, Clelia Lerro Smalley, Dave Skilling
Tony Venutti, Richard Chiango
Karnig, Marsha
Andy Oliveri, Dick O'Connor
Andy, Dick, Pete, Nancy, Dick Sawyer
Anne Shea Oliveri, Mary Lou Gillis Zeiders
Harold and Jane (McEvoy) Larson, Mary Austin Skates
Carol Chiango, Betty Venuti, Coach Stone
Bill Clark, Nancy Geggis Salka
Vic Taylor, Dave Murray
Jane Larson, Joan Taylor
Lois Romanowski, Lynne, Susan
Dancing the night away!
Regina and Karnig, Lois Romanowski, Mike Portentoso
Lois Romanowski, Dick Morrill, Bob Reagan
Lois, Mike and Carole Portentoso
Dave, Coach Stone, Pete, Lynne
Lynne, Karnig, Lew, Dot, Vic, Joan
Singing the Reunion Song!
Bob, Dot, Paul, Anne, Dick, Lynne, Sue



The Sunday Morning Brunch at the Hotel was a great way to finish off the weekend. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera!

It was a fine Reunion, and I think that everyone that was able to attend had a good time. What a Great Class!

Pictures (so far) by John Romanowski and Bill Clark. Anyone else with pictures to share please send them in!

Lynne's pictures

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