Chenery School 1949-1953

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These pictures were sent to us by Bill Callahan. You can click on the pictures to enarge them. Now we need someone to identify everyone!

Sixth Grade

Front row, left to right: Bev Weaver, Ann Chase, Joyce Plummer, Susan Granville, Joan Prodany, Diane Ryder, Sue Orowan. Second row, left to right: Karen Apelian, Lee Cuneo, Peggy Burke, Elizabeth Gross, Carol Rosenthal, Jean Sheridan, Marilyn Gross, Buddy Tirrell. Third row, left to right: Miss Dingley (principal), Bob Thomas, Bob Kelsch, Lenny Loftus, Gerry Rooney, Harry Lane, Bill Callahan, Jacky Cranney, Charlie Bailey, Paul Sullivan, Mrs. Murray

Fifth Grade

Grade 4

Grade 3

Grade 2

Grade 1


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