BHS 59 Party September 6, 2007!

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Regina sent this note:

I‘d like to thank everyone who joined us at Dotty’s on September 6, 2007 for a wonderful and memorable evening in honor of Susan Levenson Marcus who was visiting Belmont from her homeland, Israel.  I sincerely want to thank Dotty and John who so generously opened their lovely home to us once again.  To those who came from afar for our gathering I extend a special note of gratitude.

For the many classmates who were unable to come to Belmont to see Sue, I’ll say only that you missed warmth, joy, and camaraderie that matched, if not exceeded, our previous and larger parties – and we were returned to our youth.

Thank you, Susan, for just being you.  I, myself, and many others have always remembered you with fondness, and those feelings remain to this day.  Some of us hope to see you in Israel next September if our “class trip of a lifetime” becomes a reality.  And thank you, Jane, for always being there to “boost us up!”

My warmest regards to our Centennial Class.  I’ll see you in Belmont next May!


Thanks to Sue Martin who sent the pictures. It looks like everyone had another wonderful time!

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The Gang

Anne and Harry Lane, Sue Levenson

Bev Weaver

Anne Lane and John Romanowski

Danielle Murray-Regina Scotti-Nancy Geggis

Dave and Sue Martin

Garrett Reagan-Mike Portentoso

Anne and Harry Lane, Sue Levenson

Danielle Murray, Sue Levenson, Dot Stoneman

Danielle, Lew, Pete

Garrett, Nancy, Paul McCarthy

Jana Prodany, Lew Palosky

Jane McEvoy, Anne Lane, John Romanowski, Mike Portentoso

Jane, Lew

Lavinia Macauda, Sarah O'Bryan-Bob Wicks


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