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We are now up to FIVE pages! I've changed the index to be alphabetical, to make it easier to find people. There are some blanks, to leave room for people who haven't sent pictures yet. The idea is to include the yearbook photo of anyone of which we have a current photo. You can roll over (almost) any picture to see a current picture. On many of them, you can click to see another current picture, or sometimes a page, depending what was sent me. Anything can be used as a current picture, including a collage. Spouse, kids, grand kids and pets can be included, as long as you are there too. If there are extra people in the picture, be sure to tell me who they are. I can make the collage if you send me multiple pictures. Send them to

With some of these, I had to use pictures from last years party. So if you don't like your picture, send me a new one!

Mr George "Rocky" Stone
Our Class Advisor


Marcia Arentzen

Mary Austin

Russell Backer

Linda Beach

Myron Beylick

Charlotte Bonanno

Maria Booras

Margaret Boyajian

Ellen Brower

Richard Brower

Adele Bruno

Bob Bucci

Connie Buchanan

Elaine Burge

Frank Busa

Jack Butterworth

Bill Callahan

Dick Cappello

Lucille Castellano

Richard Chiango

Joyce Chiofaro

Bill Clark

Edna Cohen

Anne Connors

Martha Cox

Jack Danahy
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