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The idea of this page is to share some pictures from the days when we saw each other all the time. Pictures from games, dances, part time jobs, whatever. We hope this will catch on and that you'll send us some pictures! If you are coming to the Party or Brunch, bring them then and we'll scan them. If you can scan them yourself, send them to

Thanks to Sue Orowan Martin for our samples.

Sue Orowan and Anne Oberdorfer before going to one of those "hideous assembly dances" at the Belmont Hill School, 1958

David Kelley

Dot and Vic Dancing 1958

Dot Kriebel

Dotty at the Piano 1957

Joe Watson and friends

Julie Graham

What was this??

Andy and Accordian

Richard Brower at Slave Auction

Bill Callahan and John Giles at the Tech Tourney

Joe Watson and Vic Taylor

Back row: ?,?, Sandy Karlson, ?, George Mercer, ?
Front: Jimmy White, ?, Richard Scotti

BJHS Basketball Team

Girl Scout Trip Linda, Lois, Clelia, Claire

Back row: ?,?, Anne Connors, Brenda McGowan, Jeanne Brown
Middle: Regina Scotti, Roberta FitzMaurice, ?
Front: ?, Mary Lou Hanrahan

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