BHS 59 Party May 5, Brunch May 6, 2007!

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What a great Weekend! We had a fantastic time at Dot Stoneman and her husband John Bell's lovely home in Belmont. It was a pot-luck party, and we had plenty of incredible food. It was a big crowd, and I believe everyone had a wonderful time!

Anyone who would like to send their comments on the party, send them to me and I will post them. One way or another, we'll get a good description of the party. First, I want to post the pictures. These are the beginning, more to come.

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Ken Hedberg and Mariam Thomason Shastri

John Viren and Jerusha Ryan McCarthy

Harold Larson and Ruthie Clark

Beverly Hazen Leven and Clelia Lerro Smalley

Ellen Brower Brightly

Toby Magri, Dom and AnnMarie Previte, Rich Carota

Pete Larkin, Charlotte Bonanno Kelley, John Viren

Ralph and Kelly Mercer

Mr Stone, Pete Dawson, Wheaties Hughes

Cynthia and John Rundlett, Bob Reagan

Dave Skilling, Anne Oberdorfer Allen, Pete Dawson

Pete Dawson, Coach Stone, Wheaties Hughes

Anne Oberdorfer and John Allen

Bill Laverty and Dot Stoneman

Wheaties, Regina, Karnig (Myron) Beylikjian, Jack Butterworth


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