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2017 Mini-Reunion

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Lynne's Pictures from the 55th

55th Reunion

2014 Mini-Reunion

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Slideshow 0f 2012 Mini-Reunion from Lynne

Album of pictures from when we were in High School

2012 Mini-Reunion

New Memorial Page

New Daniel Butler pictures from Bette Zuppe Cronin

Added pages for Hockey, Field Hockey, Girl's Basketball, Cheerleaders, Soccer, and Track

Review of the 2011 Mini-Reunion from Regina

Two new basketball pictures from Paul Larkin

One new baseball picture from Paul

Two new "Then" pictures from Roberta

Slide show of Mini-Reunion from Lynne Pillsbury

Slide Show of the 50th Reunion

Dot Stoneman article in Cape Cod Times

Pictures from the May, 2011 Mini-Reunion/Party

BHS 1959

Welcome to the Belmont High School Class of 1959 web site!

We have found out that we genuinely like each other, and that it is really fun getting together to reminisce about our times together while we were in school, and to get caught up on our current lives! We went through some great times together, a unique time in everyone's life. Our growing up together has made us family, and our gatherings over the last few years have brought many of us closer together than we ever thought possible!

This web site is dedicated to keeping us close between gatherings. Anyone with memories, pictures, stories, or anything else to share, please let me know!

This years mini-reunion is scheduled for the weekend of May 4-6, 2018. If you aren't getting the newsletters, please email me.



We enjoyed another of our (almost) yearly mini-reunions at Dot and John's house last May. These get-togethers are really great, because they are completely informal and low-key, and allow lots of time for visiting with classmates. The environment at Dot's house is just perfect, with plenty of room both inside and outside for mingling and enjoying ourselves. Click for Pictures.

This years mini-reunion originally scheduled for May fas been postponed until Fall because of Covid-19.

Pictures of Belmont Center today!

I took a ride down to Belmont Center today (11/14/2016) and took a bunch of pictures. Click on the photo above to see them all.

55th Reunion!

The 55th Reunion is now another great memory! To help you remember, or, if you couldn't make it, to see what you missed, here are some pictures.
Lynne Russell Pillsbury sent in her pictures from the reunion. They are here.

To remember our classmates who have passed on, we updated the Memorial Video that was shown at the 50th Reunion. The Memorial Video is posted on the Memorial Page here.

Belmont High Hockey Star Meets Boston Bruins Hall-of-Famer, the best hockey player of all time. If you don't recognize them, it's our own goalie, David "Moon" Mullin and our all-time favorite Bruin, Bobby Orr. This meeting occurred over the Thanksgiving weekend in Stuart, FL, where Dave stayed at Orr's condo.

Human rights activist honored at Cape event

Dorothy Stoneman was named Woman of the Year by WE CAN, a nonprofit organization helping to empower women to change their lives. The seventh annual conference and awards ceremony was held at the Wychmere Harbor Club in Harwich Port on Thursday, June 2. The Cape Cod Times had a nice article on Dot and a few of the great things she has done to make a difference in our world. Thanks to Martha Parks and Paul Larkin for letting me know about this fine tribute to a wonderful person! And we knew her first!

Here is a link to the article in the Cape Cod Times.

Another great Mini-reunion weekend!

The Sixth annual Mini-Reunion/Spring party happened May 20-22, and it was another fine time! We had (I think) 69 total that attended at least one of the events. We had a new hotel this year, the Marriott in Burlington, and I think it worked out very well. We started with an informal gathering at the FitzWilliam Pub at the hotel late Friday afternoon going into the evening. Saturday morning something new was added, as we met at the Chenery School at 10 AM for a talk by Stretch reflecting on our time at BHS and the years after graduation. The talk was fascinating, and there was time both before and after for visiting, eating donuts, swilling coffee, and general catching up. This also allowed some ad hoc groups to form for lunch, sightseeing, etc. before the Big Party at 4. Once again Dotty and John opened their house Saturday evening, and once again I was amazed at the fun, fellowship, and good time everyone seemed to have! Coach Stone dropped in for a while which was a special treat. Sunday morning we finished up with brunch at the hotel.

The first pictures from Saturday morning, the Party, and the brunch are here.

Slide show from Lynne Pillsbury here.

Wrap up/review of the weekend from Regina

Pictures from several previous parties are available under the Parties tab at the top of this page.

1959 State Champion Baseball Team inducted into BHS Athletic Hall of Fame

1959 State Champion Baseball Team
Members of the 1959 State Championship Baseball Team at the induction ceremony

The BHS 1959 baseball team has been inducted into the BHS Athletic Hall of Fame! Click here for more information and pictures from the ceremony. Congratulations 1959 State Champion Team! We are proud of you!


50th Reunion an Absolute Blast!

This is the group photo taken by the official photographers. They did a great job with a somewhat unruly crowd (us)! They did a CD with a lot of great pictures, and the CDs are available from them. Jody Gagnon, PricePerfect Photos, 774-678-0448 Jody has given us permission to post a slide show of the pictures.

Our 50th Reunion was an absolute blast! We had 134 classmates, and a total of 203 attendees. What a great turnout! This was really a great time, and I think everyone was sorry to see it end. But it won't really end, because we are more in touch with each other than ever, and that will continue with phone calls, emails, and our two web sites!

The Slide Show of the pictures taken by PricePerfect Photos, as well as all the pictures that Classmates have sent me, have all been posted. The links to all the picture galleries for the BHS 59 50th Reunion are on the Reunion50 page. Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures!

There will be a lot of new pictures of classmates who will be added to the Then and Now. If you aren't on there and couldn't make the reunion, how about sending me a picture or two? If you don't like your current picture, send me a new one and I'll replace it.

We've got a new forum. Try it out here! If you don't see any messages when you open the forum, click on "Regular View" at the bottom. If you can see the messages, you can click on "Post Reply" to reply to a message, or "New Entry" to start a new topic. Please give it a try!

Then and Now Pictures

Several new "Then and Now" Photos have been posted: Al MacLeod, Maureen Loughran, Jack Danahy, Deborah Daniels, Dick Davis, and Mike Zigmond. We now have FIVE pages of Then and Now photos. Roll your mouse over the yearbook photo to see a current picture. In most cases click to see more current pictures. Check out Bob Wicks to see a good example. Please send me some current pictures so I can add you to the gallery! If you don't like the picture I've used, please send me a better one! Check out the pictures: A-Danahy Daniels-J K-N O-Simpson Skilling-Zuppe

Elementary School Pictures

We didn't just meet when we got to High School! We thought it would be fun to look at some pictures from Elementary School. The Chenery pictures are from Bill Callahan. Natalie Pascoe, Anne Shea Oliveri, and Bob Hughes supplied the Winn Brook Pictures. Sue also scanned our Junior High Picture. We also have St. Joseph 1955 from Bob Wicks, and Kendall from Barbara Johnson and Carol Magrath Morse. Burbank 1953 from Helen O'Toole!

There is a new Winn Brook page with several new pictures, and an attempt to identify everyone. Just added, Payson Park from Dick Sawyer and Jean Zimmerman!

We're looking for more elementary school pictures!

Chenery Kendall Winn Brook St Joseph BJHS 1956 Burbank Payson Park

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